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Ok, so What Are You Brewing was a hotty, as topics go.

Now I'm 15 pints into a keg I only filled on Tuesday and wondering if anyone else has a favourite at the moment ?

It's my second brown with US-Oh05 and it's better than the forst, maybe Ikept the temps down a bit during the scorcher we had in januray

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Dropped the girls at North City and called into the North Welly hop plantation, um I mean Chris's
Caught up with the new additions to the brew shed and the growth in the garden and dropped off some jalepeno seeds

I wouldn't normally contemplate a beer on Sunday morning, but a taster of his Minimus was too much to pass up.
Great sub 1.040 beer with hops leaping out of the glass at me - might have to get some Golden Promise and some fancy hops myself !
Had the real Minimus on Friday and it's a cracker. Very tropical with pineapple and stone fruit, it's the the perfect summer thirst quencher.
it's the the perfect summer thirst quencher

You mean it's even better than a North Welly Golden Ale ???
Glad youy enjoyed it JT - I checked the og and it was 1038.

Matt where did you find the real thing????
Hard to compare to the Welly Golden as that was flat, warm and out of the fermenter. Not really thirst quenching just yet ;)

Mini was on at the Malthouse, not sure how much they had but you should get in to try it if there's some left.
Just had a Greenman Pilsner, Dux Brewing Sou Wester Stout, La Trappe Dubbell. Mike's Brewing India Pale Ale, and La Trappe Trippel, IN that precise order
Time to Blast out some Twisted Sister and ROCK ON!!! old schools styles. thANK GOD for no work tomorrow.
Time to hit the home brew.
some nice beer in cans.... Had the pale ales
yesterday and both were great. They chilled down quick, were so light and easy to carry from the fridge to the bench, and there wasn't a hint of "tinny" avour or aroma.

well, that wasn't very successful.... here's the yummy cans. Big Swell was very nice, Dale's Pale was pretty good. The other two I'll try later in the week (I've had the Cocunut Porter before and really enjoyed it).

The Ten Fidy is awesome
and they say cans won't work
Did you get all those from us Stu?
Can's work mean.

Although I had Newcastle in the can once, that was like drinking out of the Tinmans arsehole. Was better out of a clear bottle than that can.


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