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Ok, so What Are You Brewing was a hotty, as topics go.

Now I'm 15 pints into a keg I only filled on Tuesday and wondering if anyone else has a favourite at the moment ?

It's my second brown with US-Oh05 and it's better than the forst, maybe Ikept the temps down a bit during the scorcher we had in januray

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Mate! That's my local. I'm in Whitianga. Next time your in the area let me know and we'll grab a beer.

I am planning a weekend later in summer , staying at a hahei bach, will pm you, my uncle lives at cooks beach,  could be a real session sitting outside the pour house.... in the evening sun after a days fishing

you are speaking my language! Sounds like a plan.

Mac's Sassy Red

They have changed this beer, way for the better....     taste like they have moved to a different possibly english yeast and the dark roast is sharp and well roasty....   its way way better

Agree, the Hop Rocker has much more aroma as well!

I tried the Mac's twenty twenty last weekend. Very nice drop, the dry hopping works nicely.

I want a fruity Style drink made with tequila Spirit for a sweltering day..

Stuck in Hawera for work, but was pleasantly surprised to see a bit of craft beer at Super Liquor. Had a Mikes OMPA pale ale (excellent, grapefruit flavours) and a Ballast Point BigEye IPA which is more of a malt-focused IPA I reckon, or maybe my taste buds haven't recovered from the OMPA! Great head retention and lacing on the big eye.

Off for some scallops and blue cod on the company card now :)

I am drinking an ice cold Pilsner Urquell and it is amazing. Old school refreshing

Good George Kiwi Sour in the sun, awesome beer. So refreshing, I would have a crack at this if it didn't involve so much time.

Sour mash bro.

Hooked on sour, trying the Grapefruit one tomorrow


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