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Ok, so What Are You Brewing was a hotty, as topics go.

Now I'm 15 pints into a keg I only filled on Tuesday and wondering if anyone else has a favourite at the moment ?

It's my second brown with US-Oh05 and it's better than the forst, maybe Ikept the temps down a bit during the scorcher we had in januray

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Spent a few days down in Queenstown... Oh, my, god!!! BEER HEAVEN!!

Most bars had their own house beer, which was in most cases made my invercargil or another decent brewery.. And on top of that there's a few really good beer bars, and the supermarket has all the good stuff! Awesome! And then there was Arrowtown where I had a good chat with the bar tender at Arrowtown brewery, he also let me have a look at all the shiny tanks which was cool.. The brewer used to be an engineer/fabricator so has made all the stuff himself which was a nice change from old dairy tanks lol, good range of beer as well!

The biggest disappointment was the Dux with their average beer, asked for an ipa and got given a strong pale ale which was amber and a malt bomb, not a hop in sight.. No wonder no one was there lol

This is another reason for me to get myself down for some winter. QTs always had one of NZs best nights out, I reckon. 

down there in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to biking the gondola trails and finding the crafty beerz!

Drinking a 50:50 blend of Tuatara Ardennes and my home brewed Blueberry Wheat Beer.  Best beer I had this year!!!

I'll definitely be brewing something along the line of this next time I brew a fruit beer.

Tuatara Hefe - very pleasant drop after a hard day refitting the shed.  Decided I am going to try and make it I am enjoying it so much!

To keep the Tuatara love going, I had a couple of real tasty beers last night worth a mention. Probably no surprise when Mike is brewing up a storm there but these were both just so clean and fresh tasting. A Pils at the Brooklyn Cinema, I don't drink a lot of pils but this was brilliant. Great aroma on the nose, clean, crisp, refreshing, just what I needed after a day of painting the spare room. Then onto the Monterey at Newtown for a burger and a Tuatara APA on tap. Again, a wicked nose on this, tons of hops coming through, a thick body and excellent drinkability. Well done Tuatara, I don't drink much of the range these days but with beers this good I'll be back for more.

I'll second the pilsner too, just had a bottle of that while i soaked in the bath reading Yeast.  One of the nicest pilsners I've had in a long time.

KPA - My Kohatu Pale Ale -

Normally I brew beers that are much higher in IBUs, but I have been trying to make beers to introduce non-homebrewers to the craftbrew world. I think I hit it with this one. The recipe is in the recipe advice thread...

It only comes in at 35 - 36 IBU, and as such is not overpowering in its bitterness. The Kohatu hops have an oddly different aroma that is entertaining. However, the alcohol is deceptive as the 5.5 abv creeps up as it goers down so easy. Although it is not one of my hop head beers, I am actually enjoying this. Atleast I am enjoying it more than a Sassy Red or other big brewer beer. (Not as much as great beers like Yeasty Boys, Hopwired, and Tuatara's APA.)

If one of you in Welly want to have some, let me know.

Tonight was a degustaion menu matched to beer at Hashigo Zake.

Som Tam

Green Papaya salad matched to Nøgne Saison


Cold fresh tofu with fresh grated Ginger and some spring onion doused in hot sesame oil matched to La Chouffe blond

Ayam Sate

Chicken Sate chilli peanut sauce matched to Baird "Angry boy brown ale"

Jae-Yook Bo-Kum

Pork belly stir fried with Kimchi matched with Green Flash West Coast IPA

Kao Ya

Chinese roasted duck breast matched to 8wired Big smoke


rich Christmas cake with 5spice and star anise chocolate sauce matched to Shiggys homebrew imperial Russian stout.

Best match for me was the Duck and big smoke (Tofu and Chouffe a VERY close 2nd)

Best beer was big smoke runner up was Nøgne Saison

Best dish was the Pork belly, runner up was Duck

Pics uploaded to my other website here..... http://forums.freeriden.co.nz/viewtopic.php?p=148272#148272

8 Wired Haywired - this beer is fucking badass!

For one, 1968?  Wow, this does not taste like 1968, it's crisp, dry, clean, brilliant, a yeast I'm kinda bored with you've got a very different and outstanding character out of.

Hop character - pleasantly hoppy without being in your face, some nice sauvin lurking down the back there I'm guessing?  A little white pepper as it warms.  Some just-juice as it rolls of the tongue.  This hop character is amazing, it's kinda subtle but soooo complex.

Staunch bitterness that adds real nice to that crisp finish.

Malt character is there, somewhere, behind the hops, that Gladfield pale is really good, going to have to get some of that to have a play with.

Ahhh so well balanced.  Wish it was a hot Saturday arvo so I could drink a dozen of these in the sun.

I demand the recipe if you're reading this Soren!

Water & Bunderberg's Ginger Beer

I managed to get some nasty food poisoning and was out of commission yesterday, so I think beer is out of the equation tonight.

That's no good mate, but look on the bright side, at least the Kohatu Pale will last a bit longer!

Got the latest brownie with the 1099 on tap, warm but not so dirty, nice & clear from the first.
This one got away on me in the ferment, a bit over 20 c and I've got more malt and esters than hops. Possibly not a bad beer, but not quite what I wanted or expected, better brew a replacement...


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