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Hey folks, be real keen to track down a 2008 Epic Porter if anyone's knowing where one is.


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Epic Porter 2008??? Is Luke holding out on us? If you find some then feel free to send me one.. (pallet).

There's a hoppier black beer called Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black. Hopefully it'll be on at The Malthouse soon (hint, hint Colin!!!).

Maybe Hallertau too - samples are on their way.

Any chance it'll be making an appearance down in Christchurch also?
Not sure about Epic Porter but Yeastie Boys is a definite "yes!"
See October beer of the month at: http://www.pomeroyspub.co.nz/beers.stm
Excellent, I'll have to try and get over there next month and see if it's as good as everyone has said :D
Went down to Invers today, went home with a rigger of the yeastie boys, Very nice, very hoppy, just finishing my last glass now and want some more!
It gives me inclination to use late hops in a dark beer, something ive not really done before.
A nice job on that one Stu!
Look forward to tasting your next one, whats your plans for your next one?
Hey Dan, thanks! Giving you, and others, the inclination to give it a crack is part of what we're all about. I think we'll get it better next year.

Next one is a Summer-style Golden Ale -100% Maris Otter and 100% Nelson hops. We're brewing next Friday (24th), so if you happen to have any free time come on down and say hello. It'd be great to meet you.
Sounds awesome Stu...i do like the Maris Otter action....not to be mistaken for Maris Piper....which i must say i quite like too!
So when's the release date planned for? special event again?
Tentatively... the first week of December.

I've never tried the piper - I'm an Agria fan on a week to week basis.

No big release plans.
Desiree has always been my second choice....

Looking forward to it!
As long is it ain't Nadine or Moonlight. The Monteith's Golden and Heineken of potatoes.
Steve mentioned you would be over, but unfortunately am going hol's in cromwell that night, likely moving back to whakatane next year, I will have to pay a visit to the legendary Wellington.
Speaking of that is there anyone on this forum in the Whakatane region? I would like some ideas and opinions, Im thinking of starting up a little brew supply shop, they only have a bin inn (coopers kits etc) and eventually in a decade or so move on to a hallertau type operation.


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