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Hi All
(Hopefully I didn't miss a thread here, I searched first!)
Just wanted to see if anyone has rhizomes available this year? I hear there is a shortage, however if there are any suppliers anyone knows of I would be keen to given them a go!

Maybe we can get a list of suppliers going? I see in the old forum that Stephen @ Hallertau may have been one of them, any ideas?


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Not sure how I missed this, however mine came via Joking.
Oh ok! I was just wondering if it was actual cascade or the cascade crossXunknown.
I always assumed it was from you Dan! :-/
So it tastes different than the cascade NZ Hops grow?
Never done a comparison, but because it was grown from seed i assume it has to be crossed with something else, havent had nzhops cascade for a long time so not sure, but from memory very similar.
What do you others who grow it think?
I'm not sure that the flower gives a similar result to pellets, which is the only NZ Cascade that I have used.

The flowers are pretty good, however I would want to use flowers versus flowers to see if they stack up together.
Bit of early spring action from the Danscade.

If you are planning on separating to get rhizomes/cuttings of these I would be happy to buy or trade:-)
Who wants hops?

This is jam jar #1 containing mystery German Hops.
Jam jar #2 and #3 contain Sticklebract

Happy to split them into three parcels of either, provided you guys send me some beer.
Me please Toast!

Would love to add a Sticklebract to my collection

Sorry I can't trade beer at moment but l I have potted cuttings of Smoothcone or an Organic (unknown) to trade.

Let me know. Cheers.
Ahem...embarrassment. I meant Smoothcone. Don't know why I typed Sticklebrackt. Interested in the mystery German ones?
Must've had a few beers that day aye Toast! Haha.

Definitely keen on a mystery german though.

What would you like as a trade? All I have is a "mystery" organic to trade then. Otherwise might be few weeks away from any beer thats ready.


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