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Ok - so this might seem a little weird and PC by my usual standards but in team meetings at work I encourage people to give a quick "barometer" check of their week to see how they are going. It helps people crystallize their thoughts into the essential things that are going on. So I thought I would try it here on the forum.
There are only 3 rules:
1. You must provide an answer when asked as you would in a team meeting at work - if you are lucky enough ;-) (volunteer out of turn - it's fine on a forum);
2. You may have as many highs for the week as you can reasonably think of but at least one is compulsory; and
3. You may have a maximum of only 1 low for the week.

So what are my items this week? Glad you asked....

1. California Lager yeast (Wyeast 2112) - wow, just loving it and the fact that beers take so little time to condition up!
2. Quick disconnects for my gas on my corny kegging system - how did I live before hand. If people want to get you a cheap but valuable present for birthday/father's day/any other reason then get them to buy you a QD's for less than $35.

1. Promising 15L of beer to a friend on Friday 30th May and knowing that you don't have a hope in hell as it's that good it won't last that long! ;-)


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The landed cost of the Mash Tun will be about NZD 300.

Of course, I've filled the internal space with some other Morebeer goodies.

I have tried to find coolers in NZ before - Decided just to go for this one. False bottom and ball valve supplied and installed, can't lose
Yep, it is well worth it Craig. Nice having a real income isn't it?

My highs -
Smokin' bishop is back - and in a sexy 640ml bottle. It might be even better this year.
The IPA's last Friday. Epic was my "judges" choice, while Hallertau won my "session" choice - it also left me thinking that there is superb opportunity for an NZIPA style.
JP is back - a cherry brown ale, my kind of beer.
Emerson's tasting tonight.
Seeing my happy healthy kids waving out the window this morning as I drove off.
Low -
My kids have been awfully sick over the last 10 days. It put the kibosh on any attempts to be involved in this big beer week, other than the fleeting visit to the Malthouse last Friday.

Writing it down makes it sound like a better week than it really felt...
Even so, it was great to see you and your shiny helmet, Stu. ;) Hope things get better this week.

I've still got my Smokin' Bishop to try. I got a very excited text about it from Kieran last night, so it must be good. That said, I got home to find that after all my efforts to obtain it in Welly, Hamilton Wine Company now have it in stock! Life is fun.
I got that text too. Sometime after my phone turned itself off.
I've had three bottles already... and I've ordered a dozen.
I'm heading to Invercargill this weekend, so no doubt i'll try a couple down there.
Glad you're being thorough, Stu. ;)
My highs:
Smokin' bishop.. I can't believe you mentioned this before me.. We had stock arrive on Wednesday, and I tried one last night.. I think I have found my new favorite NZ beer! Unfortunately I don't actually know what they cost us yet, so I had to take a guess.. Stu, do you remember what they were at Hamilton Wine Co?

Getting to 295 Beers in stock.. But then someone wiped us out of a couple, so now back to 293.. 7 to go before 300.. Yay.

Some other new arrivals:
Sou'wester from Dux de Lux
Kortegast from Wigram Brewing Co
Storm Beer from Bali
(Haven't tried any of these yet)

Dropped a box in our warehouse.. Lost 4 out of 12 bottles..
I got mine from Regional Wines and Spirits.
I don't even bother looking at prices for beers that I know I'll love.
I guess they'd be around the $9-10 mark per bottle. Worth double that, in my opinion.
hope there is some left at 12 tomorrow. that's when i usually do my beer shopping. my girl does her ballet lesson on home st and rather than stand around with prissy ballet mums i tend to wander on down to regionals for a gander and the occasional cheeky purchase. smokin' bishop here i come. don't all you other blokes buy it all up before i get there though pleeeeese.

highs: my brews have been tasting pretty good this week, after being a bit despondent about them last week. funny how they seem different sometimes. also, cos of the weather i've been walking rather than biking to work, which given that some of it is through the nice bushy part of central park means plenty of time to lose myself in beer thoughts.

lows: the dismal beer at the phoenix match. i settled for two chimay grande reserves from the metro new world at the railway stn (highest % beer they had). drank one on the concourse and smuggled the other in under cover of a 5 year olds puffy winter jacket. seemed to go ok with doughnuts at halftime.
Regional Wines will be going off this weekend as they have an Emerson instore tasting on Saturday complete with Richard Emerson and also the new JP commemorative ale was released this week (I think).
We take hi res shots of all of the beers we stock.. The New 2008 Emerson's JP looks like this:

Click Here
Slightly off the subject matter but what are the chances of the Beerstore getting in some NthAmerican beers?
At this stage it is unlikely.. but I would be interested in hearing what beers you would like us to stock.



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