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Ok - so this might seem a little weird and PC by my usual standards but in team meetings at work I encourage people to give a quick "barometer" check of their week to see how they are going. It helps people crystallize their thoughts into the essential things that are going on. So I thought I would try it here on the forum.
There are only 3 rules:
1. You must provide an answer when asked as you would in a team meeting at work - if you are lucky enough ;-) (volunteer out of turn - it's fine on a forum);
2. You may have as many highs for the week as you can reasonably think of but at least one is compulsory; and
3. You may have a maximum of only 1 low for the week.

So what are my items this week? Glad you asked....

1. California Lager yeast (Wyeast 2112) - wow, just loving it and the fact that beers take so little time to condition up!
2. Quick disconnects for my gas on my corny kegging system - how did I live before hand. If people want to get you a cheap but valuable present for birthday/father's day/any other reason then get them to buy you a QD's for less than $35.

1. Promising 15L of beer to a friend on Friday 30th May and knowing that you don't have a hope in hell as it's that good it won't last that long! ;-)


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Another high was to see Doug from NZ Hops on here. Great to see industry players mixing it at the grassroots. Maybe we'll win the World Beer Cup before the Rugby World Cup ;-)
i don't know if this is a high or a low really, but it was pretty funny (to me) and i don't know where else to file it.

i was in Turangi New World on Friday and noticed that in the usual homebrew supplies section, along with caps, kits, and dextrose was Healtheries Brewers Yeast. I hope there aren't any homebrewers in Turangi who've bought this and sat there waiting for this stuff to ferment out their coopers stout or something......
kegs of both American brown ale and ordinary bitter running out yesterday.

Managed to get some bottled for NHC before they did.
Got a porter ready to keg and a best bitter fermenting
High: Getting a bunch of ingredients together for my Ordinary bitter along with my new 3 ring burner.

Low: Finding out that the pot I'm waiting for hasn't been delivered yet and that I'll have to wait at least 2 weeks before I can brew.
highs: getting test results back from the doc today which gives my liver the all-clear after/despite 17 years of (ab)use; taking a bunch of bottle conditioned brews away with me on holiday to Ruapehu and finding that despite taking the road through Whangamomona ("the forgotten world highway", no43), that they travelled well in terms of sediment disturbance; that my brother in law enjoyed those beers

low: that i didn't really think, if i was being objective, that many of those beers were really up to much. the dry stout is getting a bit tart and old; the autumn gold ale a little furry with the hops fading; the nz 'koelsch' was never up to much and is a bit cloudy; i poured the german porter into dumb glasses which never had a hope of holding the head but anyway for whatever reason it didn't taste at its best (maybe it did suffer with the travel); and that left the mild which was the one really decent tasting beer but i only had 3 bottles of that and it is only 3.5%.....
1. Armageddon
2. Maximus Humulus Lupulus
What a couple of great beers and a great event, thanks to the Malthouse and the brewers!

The Malthouse running out of those two great beers!
1. Armageddon
2. Maximus Humulus Lupulus
What a couple of great beers and a great event, thanks to the Malthouse and the brewers!

Despite these beers being brewed in Auckland by two of our finest, the release was held in Wellington.
Tell you what, i'll swap you galbraiths for the release?
hehehehe, not a chance.
- Ordering a 10 gal mash tun off morebeer - No more poor efficiencies and trying to hold a mesh bag behind a rectangular cooler tap with a wooden spoon ('nuff said)... Can't wait to use it for my next brew
- 4 entries and counting for this years' homebrew competition!

- Knowing that my current (delicious) keg is nearly empty.
Hey mate, just out of interest, how much was the freight on the mash tun? saves me emalihg morebeer for a quote.
I think you can get those coolers at Payless Plastics or Para rubber. Pretty sure I've seen them in there. Obviously you'd have to mae some sort of false bottom/ tap assembly. But could work out cheaper than freighting one over.


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