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$50+GST / month


Put this together last 6 months. 3 x 23 tip rambo burners. based my design off some other pics on the forum. got some fermenters from china and kettles from morebeer. got stand made in havelock north.


could've done with 60l fermenters though :\

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thats  awesome - nice big space you've got there too. How much did your fermenters cost?

$1350. most was shipping cost and import duty though..  if you do 40 litre batches it doesn't come up to thermometer.

You have got to be pretty chuffed with that Dermot, nice clean job mate!  Looks like it would be a pleasure to brew with, especially with all that space.  Did the burners come with the cowlings?

I think I have brewery envy, again... :p

no, it's just sheet metal, put into design of stand.. keeps the heat in really good.

I bet they do, they look mint.  I'm adding a couple of new burner platforms on mine so I can run mixed batches back to back, plus the canning pressure cooker if I am canning wort, I think I'll add the shrouds or cowlings to it as well, good shield to keep the keep off the gas pipes too.

Really like that you have left plenty of space between the kettles, really nice design.  When you design and build option 2, can you speak to me about buying option 1? :p

got any close up shots of the fermenters?

selling one on trademe. bought 3, as was too expensive shipping just one.



send me an email if anyone wants the design of stand as well..

Wow... wow again.  Very nice.

Looks Great!

Others, Including myself, would be very interested in who  and if you are able to supply a reference for the company you dealt with in China to save hopefully getting ripped off?


Wenzhou Shuangding Machinery Co., Ltd
Mobile: +86-13587427869
Fax: +86-577-88585966

i just wired them the money and hoped for the best :o

nice rig, I am building something similar but my return lines are going into the pot lids, so instead of unclipping the lines to change pots you just turn off the pumps and swap the lids to move the brew around, have a look on http://www.alenuts.com/Alenuts/brutus.html it makes a lot of sense and saves burnt fingers

that setup is sick!


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