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Anyone know where in Wellington I might be able to pick up a bunch of PET bottles from? Buying them from TheBrewHouse etc works out to be about $1.50 per bottle (for 1.5l). Half as much as it costs me for the beer that I put in it! Must be able to get them cheaper than this...


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I just recycle the kids softdrink bottles. Sure they're clear, but the bottles go in the dark in the garage.

Homebrand ginger beer from countdown is $0.89 per bottle. What's more it comes in a brown PET 1.25l bottle. So when I need bottles these are cheaper than buying them from a brewing shop plus I get to drink the ginger beer first.

Good call, thanks Joel I might grab some.

I did decide to stop in at the new ParrotDog Brewery last night and pick up a couple of riggers... The prices are good but I don’t know if it's going to be economical to get all of my PET bottles that way! Drinking the contents sure is enjoyable though!



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