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$50+GST / month


Thought this might interest a lot of you... Supagas in Auckland (and I think they have a branch in Hamilton too) are selling brand new .6 Meter Oxygen bottles for $280 gst inclusive.

Seems a better way to get oxygen over using the disposable cylinders, plus you can attach an argon/oxy regulator with a flow meter attached

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This looks great did it come empty? am in christchurch so would need it shipped empty I think due shipping regulations. Also what reg did you end up using?


What he said.

Yeah they come full, so I imagine you could knock $50 off the price and get it shipped down the line.

I got an argon reg which came with a flow meter for about $100. The flow meter starts at 1L per minute so its not %100 ideal but most of the text Ive read says 1L per minute for 60 seconds and Id agree with that, less for lower gravity beers seems to be just fine. I can't imagine running out of oxygen for years, you really don't use a lot!

I sourced a cheap o2 flow meter from China on eBay - arrived a week after ordering:


Awesome thanks for that im gonna get one. 

Did you get reg from same place?

No - I just bought a cheapish bronze valve that's matched with it at the same time I bought the disposable o2 canister. There was no real need for a regulator as I was only needing to measure gas flow - I could see no point in needing to know pressure.

If you can get the right sized fittings for this Tom you probably dont need a regulator as druid said, but Im not sure on what those sizes would be, these bottles are fitted with a valve to take a standard argon/oxy reg. so some sort of hex nipple off that and into one of those cheap flow meters would probably work well.

Sorry to dig up an old thread but anybody know of a source of oxy bottles that will ship to / is in Dunedin? (even empty if need be)… price they seem to be going for is $500+ around here!

You must be able to freight one down to Dunedin, give mainfreigth or chemcouriers a call and ask about shipping dangerous goods

cheers for that, think supagas are getting it sorted for me… for anyone interested the price is still the same $280 inc gst. shipping a full cylinder  (dangerous goods) is around $50 to dunedin from auckland (cheaper than a fill here, so while pricey, worth it)

Supagas just quote me $92 to retest an aectylene bottle D size similar for o2 retest depending on bottle size, so they seem keen to help retest fill etc o2 and aect and i assume co2 as well.


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